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Green Wave Technology was formed to serve the convention and trade show markets in the metropolitan Kansas City area with a full range of services, including electrical, internet, data, phone, and utilities. Our staff has an unique perspective with over forty years of combined experience as both an exhibitor and as a manager of concession providers. This experience allows us to both understand the client's needs and how best to fulfill them so that experience is pleasant and stress free for every client. Our knowledge of the KCMO Convention and Entertainment facilities and staff is extensive, thus allowing us to provide a seamless service to the customer. We offer a highly trained and industry proficient staff that can handle even the most complicated installation totally in-house.

Green Wave prides itself on being an eco-friendly company from its use of recycled paper on all of its forms and paperwork to adhering to LEED principles in the ordering of material and equpment down to the recycling of all packing materials.

Green wave is a women owned business located near to downtown Kansas City, literally less than three miles from the Convention Center. Our goal is to be a good corporate citizen to both our city and the people who makeup that city.

Kansas City Convention & Entertainment Facilities

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1600 Genessee | Suite 604 | Kansas City Missouri 64102 | phone/816-513-5200